Successful completion of your inspection depends on our ability to access all components of the home. Keep in mind that our inspectors can only inspect what they can see, so we do not move heavy furniture or pull up carpet, nor are we authorized to turn on utilities.

In order to ensure that the house is ready for a thorough inspection, please use this as your pre-inspection checklist:

• All utilities are on
• Access panel or stair to the attic is available
• Access to the main shut off devices (water, electric, gas) is clear
• All doors are unlocked
• Pets are crated or removed during the inspection
• Security system is turned off

Be sure there is total and complete access to the following areas:
• Electrical panel (panel cover will need to be removed)
• Furnace (furnace cover will also need to be removed)
• Water heater
• Attic space (inspector will need to access inside attic space)
• Crawl space (especially if it is inside a closet full of stored items)
• All bedrooms and living areas
• All exterior surfaces, siding, decks, etc...

A home inspector's standard practice typically does not include the following; a specific certification to inspect and identify these areas is required:
• Asbestos
Radon gas
• Lead paint
• Toxic mold
Pest control


Metro Capitol currently offers testing for radon measurement and termite inspections.

To learn more about the hazards of radon, please click here.

Preparing for your home inspection

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